Monday, 3 March 2014


Let me introduce you to "Apt" there is a darkness to their music but always with a shining light... bringing a sense of hope & wonder, they are likened to Depeche Mode, The Pet Shop Boys, Aha and early OMD they have just released the hotly-anticipated release of their 10 track debut album "Energy, Light And Darkness" by Jonteknik Music, the collaboration between Martyn Bailey & Jon Russell. Described as Dark Ambient Electronic Pop, you can order directly from Jon Russell here: the album comes with a 4 page colour booklet.

All songs written by Martyn Bailey (Vocals) & Jon Russell (Music & Production) They have carried on the retro 80's electro pop tradition both have a deeply rooted passion for old skool electronic pop, both have already made a name for themselves.

"Energy, Light And Darkness" showcases their amazing songwriting & their unique artistic creative identity that wholey belongs to Apt, again another duo that is creating their own species of genre that is the beauty of being experimental once these juices flow all will fall into place, i love nothing more than artists who use that experiemental direction pushing boundaries so to speak being individualists where their music is concerned.
As soon as the album kicks off it grabs your attention with it's thumping basslines & perfect synth-pop gems this is superb dark electro at it's best.

  • At Night I Come Alive
  • Make Contact
  • Changing Lanes
  • Epiphany
  • Pendulum
  • The A To Z Of Numbers
  • Inner City
  • Days On An Edge
  • Waking The Beast
  • The Night Train
Their music is very mesmerizing you can say you get easily hooked it's that hypnotic i highly recommend you checking out this amazing duo they work hard at their craft it shines through, they are already on my electronic dance playlist they are "Pioneers of Dark Electro" i am looking forward to hearing more from them i'm already craving for more.

Check out Apt on these links!! Tell your friends start spreading the word!!

Friday, 31 January 2014


Two unique bands collaborating on this amazing music project that is iScat!! 1 Part Ice & 1 Part Cat = iScat (Neil from Big Cat Ugly Bat & Del from Ice Chrystalls) this duo has great chemistry a combination of fine talent.

Best way to describe iScat is that they are Experimental specialising in infusing different genres/styles it's an enjoyable purrfect blend of Indie, Electro & Rock look out for hidden gems of Country & Punk & listen out for the harmonicas & banjos this is what makes them stand out they deliver creative pieces of musical artistry.

I couldn't ask for better musical minds working together iScat is a partnership made in heaven well & truly.

It's important to me to connect to the lyrics of the songs the power of the music should ripple through your whole body & soul feel the lyricists passion & get the full meaning behind each song as every one is story that needs to be told an experience to be shared.

iScat are unsigned their music is catchy, powerful with beautiful melodies & vocal strengths a creative mix of  delightful personalised songs full of charisma & charm with outstanding music arrangements which is beautifully put together, their music is a reflection of everything that is iScat their music speaks for its self, they are new & fresh making their own impact on the music scene you get great vibes from them they have a wicked friendly fire.

Songs to name a few:
  • File Under Water (Love the hypnotic video to this song)
  • One (Amazing atmospherics & mix of synths)
  • Escape (One of my favourites it's very different to anything that they have done, they get very experimental on this track loving the Folk/Country vibes of the harmonicas & banjos it's like something straight out of 'Nashville' absolutely enchanting reminds me of Bob Dylan i could listen to this all day it sends shivers down my spine truly mesmerising)
  • Deluded (Has a cool 70's vibe)
  • Take My Hand (Is lovely to listen too)
  • Your Loving Arms (Originally by Billie Ray Martin she liked it so much she allowed them to keep it on Soundcloud, iScat version an amazing interpretation) 
The composition of "Delude" & "File Under Water" are just beautiful the vocals are the icing on the cake.

They quickly building a strong fan base & following check out the charismatic and ambient musical project that is iScat  they have a passion for being adventurous and pushing boundaries their creative juices full of experimentalism is developing a new species of genre they are on my breakthrough list for 2014.
iScat are emerging icons they have a bright 2014 head for them so watch this space they are constantly evolving!!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Midnight Mosaic

The best way to describe Midnight Mosaic they are 5 ninjas like Rock n Soul assassins providing guaranteed aural satisfaction to planet earth!!

Midnight Mosaic are an outstanding lively bunch of musicians who have awesome star quality give them a listen it's so worth it!!!
 They have what it takes to make a huge impression on the music industry they are entertaining & show spectacular talent, creativity, passion & uniqueness in a nutshell they are AWESOME with lashes of charisma & charm to boot!!

They have just released their first full-length album entitled "Firework" featuring 10 hot tracks it's out now get their album and show your support their music will keep you rocking around the xmas tree all night long!!!

"Firework" includes bristling rock anthems and hot blooded soul romps which include:
  • Right To Die
  • Spotlight
  • Bazooka Gumption
  • Old School
  • S'Often
  • Abyss
  • Amnesty
  • Underdog
  • My Fair Lady
  • Wait
Check the album out for yourself here:

I loved all the songs each & every single one were top-notch the tracks that really stood out for me were:

  • Bazooka Gumption, Right To Die, Old School, S'Often, My Fair Lady & Amnesty

Watch Midnight Mosaic showcasing their Big Announcement (New Album 2013):

Midnight Mosaic is an eclectic collective of entertainers, whose original brand of Rock n Soul drives their audiences wild to dance & groove, by combining elements of soul, funk, dance, indie, pop & outstanding vocals they have put their own licious twist on the Indie/Rock music scene i call it "Cross-Genre Brilliance", they are influenced by bands such as Chroemo, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Parliament Funkadelic, The Talking Heads & epic/legendary artists like Michael Jackson & Prince, this band is truly montage of it's members individual sonic signatures.

Their music is a love for the experimental it's intriguing & highly infectious they are putting excitement back into the music scene in a genre that truly deserves it, their aim is to electrify and have you craving for more with their masterpiece of sound & empowering lyrics, i love their  immense passion & their whole creative vision of combining different genres this truly makes them so distinctive it really represents what Midnight Mosaic is all about they radiate explosive charismatic ambience.

Their music had me hooked from start to finish they have brought a new dimension to their music with their cross-genre brilliance they really live up to their name, they have an awesome unique way of expressing themselves their creative juices are constantly flowing & evolving.

In support of their first-length album they are headlining "The Bitter End" in New York City on January 18th, they are also planning shows in the early part of 2014 in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston, all over New Jersey & they are launching a national & international radio campaign & furthermore they will be releasing their first official music video for the first single off their album "Right To Die" it's all exciting stuff!!!!

Midnight Mosaic consists of:

  • A.T. Hunte (Vocals)
  • Trent Carter (Guitar)
  • Harrisyn Hartt (Keyboard & Synthesizer)
  • AJ "Animal Jones" (Drums)
  • Gil T. Brown (Bass)
  • Dee M (Backing Vocals)

Check out this interview with: Who are Midnight Mosaic?

The band formed in 2011 & has toured throughout the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic regions (USA) they have received media & industry acclaim for their energetic out of this world live performances, at the Midnight Mosaic Show fashion designer Lacy Hint stated:

 "The show has begun & Midnight Mosaic started to perform, the energy of the event transferred to the band members, the drums were distinctly leading, complemented by heavy beat of the bass & high pitches of very well played keyboards once the guitar solo set the mood they vocalist let go of any decency & rocked the party"

Midnight Mosaic has been featured on a variety of web-based radio shows in the USA, Europe, Asia, The Middle East & Australia they have also been featured in various music publications which includes: Blogs, Podcasts, Websites & in print, in one publication Lauren Pulgarin from Eat Sleep Breathe Music wrote:

"Midnight Mosaic brings something new to the music industry with a new cool yet at the same time almost retro sound, it is this mix of the old & the new that will gain this band many fans in those that search for good drumming, guitar & lyrics in an industry that is currently flooded with bass drops & auto tune"

They have incredible social media presence and their marketing & press imagery is top-notch, to name a few Midnight Mosaic have been featured on the following radio shows/publications:

  • Preston UK 103.2 with Coral Rose
  • Momalda Radio Germany
  • 106.6 Radio North Manchester (UK)
  • Rock Radio 993
  • Rock 101 Radio
  • Gashouse Radio Philly's Internet Radio
  • Radio Rebel Independent Music
  • RAW: Natural Born Artists
  • MudKiss Fanzine
So what are you waiting for listen to their music and share with your friends!!! Get their album it will be one of of your most played i guarantee it!!!

Check out Midnight Mosaic on these links:

Friday, 8 November 2013

DJ Mac's Indie Compilation (Post-Alternative Visions)

New Indie Compilation from DJ Mac of

It's a licious mix of Dark, Post-Punk, Cross-Genre & Electronic Creativity, it's a love for the dark & experimental, style roams between Dark Ballads, Dark Wave, Genre Hoppers & Punk/Electronca  that DJ Mac incorporates all of these in one powerful indie compilation, i would describe it as 'Pioneers In Alternative Music".
 The bands & artists featured on this awesome compilation are now part of the Darkwave revial who tend to draw a fanbase who are a combination of the hipster subculture/older post-punk bands.

DJ Mac of WoodyRadio presents a digital compilation album of Post-Alternative Bands gathered from all around the world for the first time, these artists are from The UK, US, France & Germany & they all embody a new fresh unique fusion in the art of music, making the term "Alternative".
 These bands/artists & songs represent respect for & musical influences of past alternative genres with an original updated sound & lyrical genius lyrics, ranging from the Dark, Post-Punk influenced melodies of Hyena Motorcade, Hearts Fail, The Secret Post, The Seraphim Rising, Kill The Reflection, IceChrystalls, To the Cross-Genre brilliance of Carved Lies, 13 Monsters & Stigmata, To the Electronic Creativity of Neuron Dreamtime, Vodsel & Preacherz Of The Savage Truth just to name a few.
 This group of creative bands offer originality & non-conformity paying homage to the past allows us to acknowledge where you've been while going somewhere new.

So much music flows through the world let this Dark Wave wash over you!!

This International Collaboration from 15 Independent Bands & One Internet Radio DJ will be delivered for no charge using Bandcamp it's available now check it out here:

Sunday, 20 October 2013

(NEW) Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is back with his first collection of genuinely essential new pop songs with a licious twist since 2007's low-key 'Memory Almost Full", the 71 year old pop legend hooks up with a crack team of relatively young/hip producers to deliver his most enjoyable and energetic album in ages.
 Tuneful and poppy but with an intuitive rock 'n' roll edge my verdict: STILL FAB!!!

The theme of a man living in the present and constantly reinventing himself while acknowledging his history is reinforced by his quartet of collaborators: new kids Paul Epworth (who helmed Adele's 21) & Mark Ronson (who won Paul over after DJ-ing at his wedding to Nancy Shevell) are joined by Giles Martin & Ethan Johns (the sons of George Martin & Glyn Johns, who both worked with The Beatles).

Every song is full of charisma & charm i was hooked from the start i'm a beatle obsessive a huge fan of Macca he truly is amazing, mesmerising & a total legend in his own right! Echoes of the past are apparent from the off, the opening track 'Save Us' is one of several songs - 'Everybody Out There' & 'I Can Bet' is another - that nod in the direction of Wings. the dreamy groovy psychedelia of 'Alligator' & the sunny beautifully sung title track (both produced by Ronson) with the latter hark back to The Beatles circa 'Penny Lane' & 'Strawberry Fields Forever'.
 'On My Way To Work' recalls McCartney's early solo hit 'Another Day', while the astounding 'Early Days' addresses his bugbear about those who get their Fab Four facts wrong.

The whole album is very experimental & i just love it! It is euphoric & hypnotic a stand out gem highly infectious! 'Looking At Her' an imaginative blend of electro & brazilian bossa nova frisky rhythms for a feel good shakedown & then their is the Giles Martin-produced 'Appreciate' a mixture of hip hop loops & synthetic drums, he puts his own unique stamp on his music his trademark so to speak.

McCartney has made an amazing comeback i love the fact that he is always reinventing himself he is an absolute legend one word EPIC!!!! Beatles obsessives will not be disappointed.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Sam Smith & Company

I had the pleasure of attending a Sam Smith & Company Gig last month 29/9/13 who i would describe as drenched in Rock n Roll Galore with a licous Indie Twist! Serious noise is being made within this band and WOW i was blown away by their music it was such an energetic show i loved every minute of it they had incredible stage presence the lead singer/frontman had such an amazing connection with the audience with lashes and lashes of confidence and amazing strong vocals he belonged up on that stage he was born for performing, each member of the band had extreme STAR QUALITY!!!

Sam Smith & Company are an unsigned band they are a cross between The Artic Monkeys & The Stone Roses every choon they make is awesome full of electrfying Indie/Rock n Roll that make you want to let go of your inhibitions, feel the gritty sexy bass & rock vibes ripple through your body and just DANCE DANCE DANCE!!!

They have a wicked friendly fire, all their songs are capitvating tightly performed they are full of experimentalism clutching a new species of genre, they are the face of Independent music they are what i call 'Emerging Icons', i love their signature guitar riffs, and excellent deep bass and drum work the sky is the limit for this band.

The band consists of: Sam Smith - Vocals & Guitar, Chris Gilman - Guitar, Vocals, Peter Toner - Drums & Percussion & Jack Farnworth - Bass.

This awesome band deserve your undivided attention, i can see great things happening for them they are the band to watch they are going to set the rock scene ablaze, things can only get better as they continue to excel musically, they've got the right elements to stick in your head for a long time as you'll be craving for more, with the tracks erupting after the first guitar strike & not stopping until the EP is over the band have really pulled out all the stops with their powerful hard rock sound, you'll probably want to remember this band's name as you will be hearing alot more from them.

They take alot of inspiration from a range of epic/iconic bands from the 80's & 90s up to the present these guys ultimately like to mix it up and create their own licious & unique fusion that is Sam Smith & Company, if you haven't heard of Sam Smith & Company give your ears a chance & check out their music it's absolutely rocktastic, what more could you ask for? Great vocals, epic guitar & drum work, awesome band chemistry which absolutely shines when they perform their energy really fills the whole room & you instantly buzz off it, they naturally get the crowd madly excited me included they are the real deal they are rapidly developing into a powerful prosposition in the live environment & quickly building a strong fan base & following they gig relentlessly to win your love.

Sam Smith & Company is a collection of fine talent you should consider this The A Team of the unsigned music world, their Debut EP is titled "From Heathens To Devils" is out now which you can purchase off iTunes.

A few quotes of mine describing this licious authentic band:

"A love of indie & hard rock blended into a delicious fusion of awesome choons they are on top of my breakthrough list for 2013"

"Raw, Edgy Rockness, Wicked Drum Beats & Double the Guitar Beats paves the entrance for the front man who binds the band perfectly together"

Sam Smith & Company is what Independent music is all about they are very much a modern day band who delivers pure class indie/rock music from the heart of Manchester.

Check them out on these links:

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

High Safari

Let me introduce the licious indie pop party duo that is 'High Safari'

The band consists of James Parker and Nigel Gamage they formed in 2011 after they met at Sheffield University and bonded over a love for The Shins and Elliot Smith, after writing together for a year they headed into the studio on a small budget recording, producing and mixing their debut album 'Skylight' which they completed in one week the track listing consists of the following tracks:

  • Skylight
  • Hey Hombre!
  • Come Into The Night
  • Orient Express
  • Pier
  • Doves
  • Around
  • The Park
  • Waves On Waves
  • Winter
They have released the album onto bandcamp where it is available to stream and download for FREE, as soon as you clasp your ears onto this awesome music you'll be craving for more, their infectious fun lovin' sound is full of charisma & charm you will just buzz off their high energy, feel good up beat choons they get me up dancing every time they are just AMAZING!!

Download the album here:

Each song is beautifully put together you'll be hitting that repeat button! James & Nigel are two very creative individuals who are extremely unique with their own brand of indie pop they are the band to look out for as they are the new indie pop sensation in a class all of their own, they are not trying to sound like anyone else they have put their own twist and stamp on it with a new experimental distinctive feel to indie music that is not out today they combine energetic, cheerful pop full of passion and indie galore to boot and what i like to call infectious licious ear candy now that's what you want when you listen to music you want something new and different and these boys really deliver that.

Every song off 'Skylight' stands out it is just utter perfection and is absolutely flawless, check them out and if you love indie music with a licious twist of pop then 'High Safari' is the band for you so if you like what you hear please share with your friends and spread the word.

High Safari have that STAR QUALITY check them out on these links: